Welcome to my site! I am a substitute teacher at a renowned college preparatory school, an avid triathlete and a published author. Several years ago, I completed a certification program in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. I initially followed my engineer husband to California in 1987, so he could pursue a PhD at Stanford. We fell in love with the sunshine and outdoor recreation in the San Francisco Bay Area and never left. We have two adults sons and a menagerie of pets.

After staggering across the finish line at a “Tri for Fun” one sweltering summer day, I vowed never to do another triathlon. Fortunately my friends lured me back into the sport years, and it has since become a perpetual source of new friendships and fitness gains. It was just the spark I needed to fuel my recovery efforts after acquiring a debilitating neurological pain disorder. Along the way, I have learned that one’s deepest pain can lead to unexpected joy. In this site, I hope to share the wealth of resources uncovered along the way, and to pass on hope. I pray you will benefit from my health discoveries, and those of others, as you navigate your own wellness journey.