Teen and Tween Travails

During my husband's late-morning computer class, chatter unexpectedly drifted towards mental health one day. One of his students mentioned the food served in the 'mental hospital.’ “Were you a visitor

Beyond Counting Sheep

Who has trouble staying or falling asleep? Since the pandemic, I’ve heard of more and more people struggling with shut eye.  I feel your pain. In this article, I hope

She’s Going to Blow!

Are You going to Blow? What makes you blow a fuse? Do you burn slowly or erupt quickly? When author Julie Barnhill wrote a book for moms about anger, She’s

Seizing the Moment

Step into the Spotlight “Please excuse me if I stutter, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Joy warned the audience. My suspense mounted as she carefully navigated her stylish heels onto a stage in front of a hundred people. I watched, slack-jawed, as the words to This is Me filled the Continue Reading

Strength in Community

What inspires cyclists to race thousands of kilometers in the Tour de France? Many of them don’t even reach the finish line—their role is simply to help their team’s strongest cyclist win a stage, and earn the coveted yellow jersey. Success is measured by how well they contribute their unique Continue Reading