The Circle of Mentoring

Who has been a mentor in your life, and who have you mentored? In this post, I hope to show you how the mentee-mentor relationship is a fluid one. Mentors

Where Does Your Light Come From?

When record-breaking fires recently draped the Bay Area in a layer of yellow-gray ash or an apocalyptic orange glow, I often fixated on light. I would peer outside to check

Collective Suffering

How the world has changed since my last post. Little did I know, when I completed my previous entry, that I would soon receive a front row seat on grief.

Strength in Community

What inspires cyclists to race thousands of kilometers in the Tour de France? Many of them don’t even reach the finish line—their role is simply to help their team’s strongest cyclist win a stage, and earn the coveted yellow jersey. Success is measured by how well they contribute their unique Continue Reading